Naruto: The 5 Strongest Kids


1st: Ghost Warbler: Ghost Warbler is a delicate-looking child with the power to control Tailed Beasts. With the help of medication, he can unleash a massive amount of chakra and overpower even the Three-Tails.

2nd: Bankijua: Bankijua is known as the "Rich Second Generation" and possesses the unique ninja technique "Monetary Evasion." With the help of subordinates, he creates powerful effects.

3rd: Ranmaru: Ranmaru possesses the lost kekkei genkai dojutsu called the "Red Eyes" and has been weak since childhood. He was adopted by one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist and perfectly countered Neji's Byakugan.



4th: Chino: Chino belongs to the Chinoike Clan and possesses the rare doujutsu "Blood Dragon Eye." Her hidden abilities are incredibly strong, allowing her to unleash genjutsu and create human bombs. 

5th: Himawari Uzumaki: At a young age, she knocks Naruto unconscious with her Gentle Fist, leaving him shocked and confusing the Nine-Tails. Despite being a child, her power is terrifying and unique.