Naruto: When Hinata turns on a new mode


1. Yin Seal and Byakugo no Jutsu: Inspired by Tsunade, Hinata possesses these S-class forbidden techniques. Accumulating chakra forms a seal on her forehead, which, when released. 

2. Six Paths Nine-Tails Mode: If Hinata gains the power of the Six Paths, she would become the Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails and emanate a golden aura. Surrounded by Truth-Seeking Orbs, she would have a stylish and appealing attire.

3. Curse Mark: Created by Orochimaru, the curse mark transforms the user's appearance and grants great power. If Hinata obtains it, she would take on a vampire-like appearance and emit a sinister aura.



4. Sage Mode: Accessing Mount Myoboku's Sage Mode grants the ability to use natural energy and unlock sage jutsu, enhancing strength and speed. 

5. Tailed Beast Mode: Although not a Jinchuriki, if Hinata were to become one, she would seamlessly merge with the Tailed Beast Chakra and manifest Tailed Beast appendages.