Vet Saves Choking Dog Using Technique Everyone Should Know

This article describes a life-saving maneuver called the XXT technique that pet owners should learn in case their beloved pet begins to choke. This emergency maneuver is useful when a dog is choking on a foreign object, such as a rubber Kong toy, in which case the Heimlich maneuver is not effective. The XXT technique is a technique that can be performed by a veterinarian to help dislodge the obstruction from the pet's throat and save its life. It involves placing the dog on its back, bracing the back against the floor, identifying important landmarks, such as the trachea and the obstructing object's location, and pushing against the object with a J-stroke until it ejects from the mouth. It's important to be mindful of the size and shape of toys when offering them to pets and make sure they are in good condition. If the dog does begin to choke, it's important to act quickly and perform the XXT technique. Sharing this information with pet-owning friends and family can help save lives in case of emergencies.

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