Naruto: When the female protagonist turns bald


1: Sakura's Bald Look:  in this photo, she appears bald and surprisingly pulls off the look well. 

2: Sasuke's Bald Resemblance: Sasuke, the male protagonist, is known for his handsome appearance with black hair. In this photo, his bald look gives off a strong resemblance to Saitama from "One Punch Man". 

3: Hinata's Unrecognizable Baldness: With a bald head, she looks unrecognizable and resembles a monk or a fitness instructor, missing out on her usual beauty. 

4: Ino's Unexpected Transformation: Ino, a supporting character, is known for her high level of attractiveness with long golden hair. However, with a bald head, she appears completely different and not in a good way. 

5: Tsunade's Displeasing Bald Look: Tsunade, the fifth Hokage, is known for her strength and amazing figure. In this photo, her bald appearance is quite an eyesore.