Naruto: The 5 weakest Jonin in Konoha


1. Sunset Red:  She was defeated by Itachi's basic genjutsu and subsequently killed, leading fans to consider her the "weakest Jounin." 

2. Crimson Bean: As Orochimaru's first disciple, Crimson Bean was expected to possess powerful ninjutsu. However, her later performances were embarrassing, with every battle resulting in defeat. 

3. Ebizo: He was easily defeated by Genin Naruto's basic ninjutsu, and even Konohamaru could defeat him. 

4. Moonlight Gale: Initially appearing powerful as a top-class swordsman, Moonlight Gale was later revealed to be weak. His abilities were only at a bronze level. 

5. Silent: As Tsunade's first disciple, Silent's strength was only at a bronze level with no notable achievements. She rarely achieved success in battles and served as more of a follower to Tsunade.