Naruto: When ninjas change to blonde hair


1.  Konan: The only female member of Akatsuki, Konan is known for her strength and beauty. In the photo, she is seen with her usual short blue hair, but with golden hair, she looks equally stunning. 

2. Jiraiya: However, in the picture, his hair is transformed into golden, resembling a "golden lion king" and giving him a whole new look. 

3. Kakashi:With golden hair, he appears even more charismatic and resembles a "Super Saiyan."

4. Sasuke:  His hair style is already cool, but when it turns golden during the cursed seal transformation, he looks sinister and evil. 

5. Sakura: Lastly, Sakura, the female lead, is known for her beauty and stunning blue-purple hair. However, with golden hair, she becomes even more breathtaking, enhancing her overall appeal.