Naruto: The 5 strongest toad psychic beasts


1. Gamaō: The oldest and most powerful summoning creature in Myoboku Mountain, Gamaō is known as the "Great Toad Sage." 

2. Fukasaku & Shima: Second only to Gamaō, Fukasaku and Shima are elder toads from Myoboku Mountain. They possess immense sage powers and can fuse with a summoner to unleash powerful techniques.

3. Gamabunta: As the largest toad in Myoboku Mountain, Gamabunta's true form remains unseen. Jiraiya can only summon its stomach lining. 

4. Gamakichi: As Naruto's summoning creature, Gamakichi gains the strength to rival Tailed Beasts. 

5. Gamabunta: Gamatatsu, Gamakichi's father, is a prominent member of Myoboku Mountain. He possesses power on par with Tailed Beasts and is skilled in kenjutsu, Fire Release, and sage techniques.