50+ Fresh Memorial Day Recipes!

We’ve almost made it to the weekend! Here are 50+ fresh, healthy and recipes to commemorate Memorial Day. I’ve organized them by breakfast and brunch, appetizers and dips, salads and sides, main dishes, desserts and sweet treats, and cold drinks.

I pulled all of these recipes from the , so check there for even more options. In actuality, these recipes are perfectly suited for summer parties from now through Labor Day.

This is our first Memorial Day with Grace, and my parents are coming up to see her. We’re looking forward to some low-key family time and the farmers’ market. Cheers to the long weekend!

Breakfast & Brunch

Set yourself up for a great day with a balanced breakfast. I love with a swipe of peanut butter or . For a savory option, you can’t go wrong with .

Appetizers & Dips

Dips, dips and more dips! I always seem to fill up on appetizers, so I love to set out some lighter options to balance the more indulgent dips. If you find perfectly ripe avocados, you’re going to love (shown above), or , or of course, .

You could serve as a healthy veggie dip. I swear by and .

Salads & Sides

Freshen things up with a crisp salad made with greens or more sturdy veggies. For green salads, wait to drizzle in the dressing until you’re ready to serve. A few of my top picks would be the outrageously colorful and bold shown above (or for a more simple option), , and .

A Few Simple Homemade Salad Dressings

Main Dishes

works great on a grill, as do my favorite veggie burgers. If you have , follow the burger recipe on page 177, or check out . You’ll find more fun handheld options below!

Desserts & Sweet Treats

looks impressive, but it’s easy to make. Add some blueberries to round out the theme. Another beautiful patriotic option is this . Or, with red, white and blue chocolate candies would be very cute.

Cold Drinks

Here’s an idea: Start with and transition to as the day goes on. They’re both bubbly, festive and refreshing.

For non-alcoholic options, try , or Starbucks-inspired (it’s made with hibiscus tea, coconut milk and strawberries).

More resources you might appreciate:, and . You might also like and . .

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