"Naruto" The married life of six beauties in Konoha Village


1. Sarutobi Kurenai: A ninja of Konoha Village, good at illusions, married Asuma and gave birth to Mirai, and now lives with her daughter.

2. Nara Temari: Sunagakure Murakami, the sister of the fifth generation Kazekage, married Nara Shikamaru and lived a wealthy life.

3. Uzumaki Hinata: The eldest daughter of the Konoha clan, married to Naruto and had a son and a daughter. Naruto was often away from home.

4. Akimichi Karui: A ninja from Kumogakure Village, she married Akimichi Choji and gave birth to a daughter with perfect skin and figure.

5. Ino Yamanaka: A chuunin of Konoha Village, married to Sai, had a son, opened a flower shop, and lived a happy married life.

6. Uchiha Sakura: Konoha Village ninja, Tsunade's apprentice, married to Sasuke, but life is tight, she has to take care of her daughter and pay the mortgage