Manager Refuses To Serve Family Because Kid Was Eating With Her Feet

A young mother named Alexis Bancroft and her 3-year-old son, William, visited an IHOP restaurant in Hot Springs, Arizona. William was born without arms but had learned to use his feet for various tasks. However, the manager the restaurant approached Bancroft and told her that they wouldn't be serving her because the toddler's way eating made them feel uneasy.

The manager claimed that it was a health department issue and expressed concerns about William using his feet to handle restaurant items, particularly the syrup dispensers. Bancroft argued that there was no difference between using hands and feet and pointed out that she had washed William's feet before they arrived at the restaurant. She refused to back down and called out the discrimination against her son's disability.

Realizing the potential trouble, the general manager changed her attitude and apologized to Bancroft, assuring her that they would no longer deny them service. The incident gained attention after Bancroft shared her experience on Facebook, leading widespread outrage and criticism directed at the manager and the restaurant.

manager later reached out to Bancroft, apologizing once again and claiming that was a misunderstanding. However, Bancroft expressed that the incident had already affected her son, who became self-conscious and initially refused to sit on the table to eat. Despite this, William eventually regained his confidence with his mother's support.

Following the incident, the manager responsible for the discrimination was placed on leave, andOP President Darren Rebelez issued a statement acknowledging that the situation was mishand and did not reflect the chain's policies. Bancroft's story highlighted the importance of understanding and acceptance towards individuals with physical disabilities, challenging misconceptions and promoting inclusivity.

Overall, the incident at IHOP involving Alexis Bancroft and her son William shed light on the discrimination faced by individuals with disabilities and sparked a conversation about the need for empathy and respect in society.

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