67-Year-Old Hailed As ‘World’s Most Beautiful Grandmother’

Yazmeenah Rossi, a 67-year-old model, has defied the norms of the fashion industry by continuing to work and model in bikinis for major companies. Born Corsica, France, Rossi developed a passion for photography at a young age. After becoming a mother at 16, she decided to pursue her own happiness and entered the world of modeling.

Rossi started her career as a fittings model for high-end retail companies and later signed with Ford models in New York. She posed for print campaigns for various brands and embraced her natural silver hair, refusing to undergo plastic surgery except for minor facial injections. Rossi maintains her beauty through a healthy diet, light workouts, and natural skincare routines.

At the age of 60, Rossi launched her swims campaign, receiving praise from colleagues for her courage. She believes that being authentic is essential in the modeling industry and hopes to inspire women to embrace their age and natural beauty. Despite nearing 70, Rossi has no plans to retire and expresses frustration with the fashion industry for not targeting an older demographic.

Looking ahead, Rossi aims to expand her career beyond modeling and is considering acting classes to secure screen roles. She wants to show others that authenticity is the ultimate influence in the beauty industry. Through her life story, Rossi hopes encourage women to take care of their bodies and embrace their age without allowing it to hinder their sense of fashion.

In summary, Yazmeenah Rossi's remarkable journey as a model challenges societal expectations and celebrates the beauty of aging. Her determination, authenticity, and refusal to conform to traditional standards of beauty serve as an inspiration to women everywhere.

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