Dunkin’ Donuts Employee Busted After Cop Takes Lid Off His Coffee

A Dunkin' Donuts employee in Chicago was arrested after adding saliva to a police officer's coffee. The incident occurred when an Illinois State Trooper purchased a large black coffee and noticed a large piece of mucus floating on top after removing the lid to let it cool down. The employee, Vincent Sessler, was charged with disorderly conduct, reckless conduct, and battery to a peace officer. Following the incident, local troopers decided not to patronize that particular Dunkin' Donuts location for their safety. The Illinois State Police Director condemned the behavior and stated that officers deserve better treatment. Food tampering incidents targeting police officers have been reported across the country, reflecting an anti-police mentality. Dunkin' Donuts swiftly fired Sessler and issued apology to the officer, emphasizing that the behavior is inconsistent with the brand's values. The act of spitting in someone's drink seen as cowardly and ignorant, and police officers should be able to enjoy a cup of coffee without worrying about malicious actions from service workers.

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