Man Snorkels In Colorado River, Makes ‘Terrifying’ Find Underwater

A snorkeler in Parker, Arizona made a startling discovery while exploring the bottom of the Colorado River. He found what appeared to be two skeletons strapped to chairs. Terrified, he called the police to investigate. The La Paz County Sheriff's Office responded and sent a diver from the Buckskin Fire Department to examine the scene. However, upon closer inspection, was revealed that the skeletons were fake and it was actually an underwater tea party prank. The props had sunglasses and were sitting in lawn chairs, covered in algae and debris. A sign, which was initially covered, readBernie living the dream the river," referencing the movie Weekend At Bernie's. The incident caused a resource-intensive response from the authorities, but they appreciated the reporting party for making the call. The La Paz Sheriff's Department posted a video of the prank on their Facebook page and decided not to pursue the person behind it, showing their sense of humor. Despite the waste of resources, the elaborate joke provided amusement and surprise to those involved.

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