Naruto: When the protagonist is made into a puppet


1: Sakura: The first female protagonist of Naruto, Sakura has always been admired for her beauty. However, in her puppet form, she remains stunning, albeit with a flat chest.

2: Tsunade: Tsunade, known for her perfect figure, loses her charm as a puppet. With dark skin and a stiff expression, this puppet version is difficult to look at.

3: Haku: Despite being an antagonist, Haku left a deep impression on many Naruto fans. With his ice release and emotional bond with Zabuza, his puppet form surprisingly resembles a girl.

4: Kimimaro: As Orochimaru's favorite vessel, Kimimaro's puppet form wields the Shikotsumyaku, similar to Scorpion's puppet.


He appears strong and handsome.

5: Mei Terumi: The last candidate is Mei, who possesses both beauty and a great figure. However, as a puppet, she undergoes a drastic transformation, becoming unrecognizable and unappealing. In conclusion, while some characters maintain their allure as puppets, others lose their charm or undergo unexpected changes. Whether fans still appreciate the puppet versions of these characters is subjective.