5 beautiful female ninjas who have been assaulted in Naruto: Yakushi Kabuto is the winner in life, and Uzumaki Naruto's secret technique is the Sexy Jutsu.


In Naruto, there are many beautiful female ninjas who always captivate fans with their beauty. It's no wonder that many Naruto fans envy the male characters who have the chance to interact with these gorgeous ninja ladies. Let's talk about the instances of chest-grabbing incidents that have happened to these female ninjas in Naruto!

Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage, has an amazing figure and is undeniably one of the top three beauties in Naruto. She has been subjected to chest-grabbing incidents multiple times, like when Orochimaru attacked her during the Third Great Ninja War and when Naruto accidentally bumped into her on top of the Hokage building.


Hinata Hyuga, with her stunning figure, has also been a victim of chest-grabbing incidents. From her fight with Neji during their childhood training to the Chunin Exams where Neji attacked her chest and when Kabuto grabbed her chest while pretending to save her.

Sakura Haruno, in an original anime storyline, was mistaken for an animal's beloved person by a creature called the Enbu. Naruto, who had the Enbu clinging to him, accidentally made it grab Sakura's chest, leading her to think Naruto was groping her.

Sasame Fuuma, a character created for the anime, disguised herself as a boy and was mistaken for one by Sakura and Naruto. Naruto unknowingly grabbed her chest while rescuing her from the Sound ninja.

In conclusion, these chest-grabbing incidents portrayed in Naruto involving the female ninja characters add an interesting and somewhat comical element to the storyline, making them memorable for fans.