Naruto: Five Legendary Masters in the Fire Shadow


1: Hyuga Tenson: In Naruto, Hinata discovers that Neji has the bloodline of Hyuga Tenson, the founder of the Hyuga Clan with immense power.

2: Muzu Kitamon: Muzu Kitamon is the first puppeteer and the best in the world of puppetry. His masterpiece, the "Kinsuke Jūnin," has immense power to conquer a ninja village.

3: Sarutobi Sasuke: Sarutobi Sasuke is the leader of the Sarutobi Clan and one of the "Founding Heroes" of Konoha, second in strength only to Hashirama and Madara.

4: Parents of Konohamaru: Konohamaru's parents are skilled members of Konoha's ANBU and the Third Hokage's right-hand men, with formidable strength.

5: Existence of the Evil God: Throughout Naruto, the Evil God has never appeared, but Hidan continues to sacrifice to him. Speculations arise whether the Evil God is a real deity or just a regular human.