Naruto: 5 people who are best at choosing a husband


#1: Hinata: Hinata, from Naruto, is admired for her beauty and position as the heiress of the Hyuga clan. She values status when choosing a husband and sees Naruto's potential. Despite being shunned by others, Naruto's abilities and kindness attract her. 

#2: Kushina: Kushina, a princess of the Uzumaki clan, only considered marrying someone at the level of clan leader. She marries Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, who was at the pinnacle of power. Marrying the strongest ninja proves Kushina's exceptional judgment and guarantees a peaceful life. 

#3: Kaguya: Kaguya, Minato's wife and Naruto's mother, suffered a tragic fate as the Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox.


Nevertheless, she expressed immense happiness for being Minato's wife and Naruto's mother. Becoming the "Hokage's wife" showcases her excellent judgment.

#4: Temari: Temari, Gaara's older sister, marries Shikamaru from the Nara clan. With her high status, finding a suitable husband in the Sand Village is impossible. Temari's choice of Shikamaru, who is not only a strict husband but also the head of the Nara clan, shows her wise judgment. 

#5: Karui: Karui, originally from the Hidden Cloud Village, dreams of marrying a handsome guy. However, she marries Choji, who is overweight. Karui's exceptional vision sees beyond appearances. Choji's abilities and potential for transformation make their married life harmonious and happy.