Naruto: 5 Ninjutsu That Will Make Body Collapse


(1)Dust Release: Primal Split Technique , is an exclusive bloodline elimination ninjutsu used by Iwagakure's Tsuchikage-level ninja. Combining wind, earth, and fire chakra elements, it disintegrates objects or ninjutsu into tiny particles, destroying the target. 

(2) is an S-rank wind release ninjutsu created by Naruto Uzumaki. It combines wind release chakra with Rasengan, penetrating the target's body with countless chakra needles, destroying every cell. 

(3)C4 Karura  is Deidara's powerful explosive clay technique. By dispersing nano-sized bombs, every living creature inhaling them has bombs attached to their cells.


With a command, their bodies break down from the inside, annihilating them. 

(4)Yūra, Tobi's subordinate, uses nanometer-level poisonous bugs  Contact with these bugs corrodes the skin and destroys the cells inside the body, even intimidating Kakuzu. 

(5) Limelight Gray Bone,is Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's dōjutsu bloodline technique that "kills with a single blow." It decays the target's body from the inside out, turning it into ashes.