Naruto: The 6 most rubbish psychic beasts


1. Ayakashi Minatsu's Fortune Cat: Summoned by special Jonin Senno Minato, Ayakashi Minatsu's Fortune Cat is a moving inn. Used to capture one of Pain's Six Paths, it was defeated.

2. Dream Tapir: Tsuru Togakure's Summoned Beast, Dream Tapir, had potential but was easily defeated by Sasuke. It had minor wind techniques and no useful abilities.

3. Raccoon Fatso: This Summoned Beast appeared briefly in Chirabi and Ganjitsu Godo's battle. It fought Ganjitsu but was quickly defeated. Its only purpose seemed to be to look cute.

4. Toad Dragon: Naruto summoned this beast but it proved to be useless except for eating.


Its potential remains unknown as it didn't appear in Shippuden.

5. Shark Pack: Summoned by Ganjitsu Gado, the shark pack couldn't speak human languages and only attacked by biting. Their low intelligence turned against Ganjitsu, killing him.

6. Turtle Island: A gigantic summoned beast in Kumogakure, Turtle Island lacked offensive abilities and served as a mysterious base. It was untouchable and couldn't attack.