Naruto: 5 items used as artifacts


1. Chakra Finger Sword: This rare weapon resembles a serrated knuckleduster and can be infused with chakra to enhance its sharpness. 

2. Shuriken: Shuriken, a common tool for ninjas, becomes a formidable weapon in Itachi's hands.

3. Pencil: In Kirabi's hands, an ordinary pencil transforms into the lethal "Lightning Pen" by infusing it with Lightning Style chakra. 

4. Nail: Pain used a special projectile called the Nail during a battle with Kakashi. Although not a traditional ninja tool, the Nail is a formidable weapon.

5. Three-Pronged Kunai: The exceptional artifact wielded by Minato Namikaze serves as a key tool for his Flying Thunder God technique. Infused with the power of the technique, it has earned Minato a fearsome reputation.