Naruto: 5 people who transplanted first-generation cells


1. Yamato: Orochimaru's experimental subject, possesses wood escape technique with 20% power of first generation and uses Hashirama cells for building house.

2. Danzo: Leader of root organization, has Hashirama cells and 11 Sharingan eyes, but can't use wood release ninjutsu. After losing Sharingan, his arms turn into tree shape.

3. Obito: Used by Madara to replace injured half of body with Hashirama cells, can heal himself and use Wood Release Cutting Technique.

4. Madara: Resurrected, obtained Hashirama cells to open reincarnation eye. Uses cells to quickly recover from injuries, becomes Six Paths Madara.

5. Naruto: Borrowed first-gen cell-cultured prosthetic limb with Hashirama cells in right hand. No major changes observed for now.