Naruto: Naruto has 5 false nine tails


1. Character: Kū: Kū is a character from the original Naruto series known as the "empty" one. Possessing the Nine-Tails' chakra, he can transform into a Tailed Beast. Despite being the weakest pseudo-Nine-Tails, Kū destroyed the Fire Temple but is just a supporting character. 

2. Characters: Kinkaku and Ginkaku: These brothers from the Hidden Cloud Village consumed the Nine-Tails' flesh and gained Tailed Beast's transformation abilities. During the alliance ceremony, they killed Tobirama Senju and the Second Raikage, making them the strongest pseudo-Nine-Tails. 

3. Character: Black Nine-Tails: In "The Road to Ninja" movie, Naruto's counterpart Menma Uzumaki possesses the Nine-Tails.


A battle between Narutu and Menma summons the Black Nine-Tails, displaying strength comparable to the original Nine-Tails. 

4. Character: Mecha Nine-Tails: Orochimaru creates the Mecha Nine-Tails using advanced technology. This mechanical Tailed Beast rivals the real Nine-Tails in destructive power. Naruto defeats it but at the cost of his destruction. 

5. Character: Tenshikuma: Yakushi Kabuto infuses a special energy into Naruto's body, resulting in the creation of Tenshikuma, the strongest pseudo Nine-Tails. It surpasses the power of the original Nine-Tails and even overwhelms Naruto himself.