Naruto: The 5 most precious welfare screenshots


1: Black Earth's Wardrobe Malfunction Black Earth, a lesser-known character, battles in her traditional dress revealing that she's not wearing anything underneath. 

2: Disappointing Fanservice of Karin Karin, a significant supporting character, heals injuries and restores chakra. However, this fanservice screenshot offers no excitement despite her outfit being pulled down. 

3: Precious Moment for Hinata Hinata, admired for her figure, is seen in a vulnerable state relaxing in a hot spring with Team 8. Her reddened knees ignite the audience's curiosity. 

4: Sakura's Uncommon Fanservice Sakura takes the spotlight during a hot spring excursion with Team 7. Accidentally glimpsing Kakashi's face creates a rare fanservice moment for her. 

5: Legendary Shion This screenshot only appears in the film "Naruto: Shippuden the Movie." Shion, who looks like Hinata, possesses extraordinary physical attributes and showcases her mystical powers as a shrine maiden.