Mom Goes On ‘Taken-Style’ Mission And Hunts Down Daughter’s Killers

Miriam Elizabeth Rodriguez Martinez, a mother from San Fernando, Tamaulipas, became an activist for missing children after her daughter Karen Alejandra Salinas Rodriguez was kidnapped and murdered by the Los Zetas Cartel. Frustrated with the corruption in law enforcement, Miriam took matters into her own hands to seek justice.

Disguising herself and using various tactics, including fake and real weapons, Miriam tracked down and interrogated several members of the cartel involved in her daughter's abduction. Over three years, she captured almost every living member of the crew, who had tried to start new lives under different identities.

One intense encounter involved a captor known as "the florist." Miriam located him on the US-Mexico border bridge, tackled him, and held him at gunpoint until authorities arrived to arrest him. Her relentless pursuit of justice made her famous but also put her in danger.

Miriam's son, Luis, also played a role in her mission when he recognized one of the kidnappers, leading to his arrest and the revelation of details about Karen's murder.

Tragically, Miriam's crusade against the cartel put her on their hit list. On Mother's Day, she was shot and killed in front of her home. Despite her pleas for armed guards, her requests went unanswered by the government. Her son, Luis, has taken over the group she started, supporting other families whose loved ones have disappeared.

Miriam's bravery and dedication were honored by her hometown of San Fernando, which placed a bronze plaque in the central plaza to commemorate her legacy.

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