Naruto: 5 people most suitable to join Akatsuki


1. Troupe: One potential candidate for the establishment of the Troupe, the new Hokage, and the other members of the organization.

2. Kakashi: Kakashi once had the potential to turn evil, but he was guided away from the wrong path by Minato Namikaze. With his outstanding abilities and Sharingan, he would be an ideal choice for the Akatsuki.

3. Uchiha Shin: The failed clone of Orochimaru, Uchiha Shin possesses the evolved Mangekyou Sharingan and formidable ocular jutsu abilities. Admiring Uchiha Itachi and possessing great strength, he ranks highly within the Akatsuki.

4. Uchiha Fugaku: His recruitment into the Akatsuki would be a nightmare, as there would be two Susanoo. 

5. Uchiha Shisui:  Although he died young, if he were to join the Akatsuki, Shisui and his Kotoamatsukami could easily capture the Tailed Beasts without the need for anyone else to intervene.