Naruto: The 5 Most Excellent Psychics


1. Pain: Pain is a powerful user of the Rinnegan, with exceptional abilities in summoning jutsu. He can summon various animal-like entities called "summons" without a blood contract. 

2. Jiraiya: Jiraiya, one of the Three Legendary Sannin, excels in ninjutsu and summoning jutsu. He has formed summoning contracts with most of the toads from Mount Myōboku. 

3. Karin: Karin, an Orochimaru follower, is skilled in genjutsu and summoning jutsu. She can summon the "Three Ghosts" by playing a flute and using sound-based genjutsu.

4. Sasuke Uchiha: Sasuke can summon hawks and has the ability to summon Manda, Orochimaru's most powerful serpent summoning.

5. Itachi Uchiha: Itachi successfully tames the Nine-Tails during the Fourth Great Ninja War.