3 Alabama Thugs ‘Wake Up The Dragon’ After Shooting Marine

In Theodore, Alabama, Marine Corps veteran Michael Irving found himself under attack when three intruders knocked on his door. Two weeks prior, they had robbed him of his cancer medication, and now they were back for more. After being shot in the arm and chest, Irving reached for his "old-time pistol" and prepared to defend himself.

Despite his injuries, Irving confronted the assailants who were attempting to reload a shotgun. In a harrowing encounter, he managed to shoot one of them, later identified as Joseph Heathcock. However, realizing that his life was still in danger, Irving continued to fight.

As the events unfolded, Irving recounted how he shot another assailant, Chasatie Dulabhan, when she tried to grab the fallen shotgun. When she pleaded not to be shot again, Irving ordered her to drop the weapon. Meanwhile, the third intruder, Casey Ray Gann, had a malfunctioning firearm. Not hesitating, Irving shot Gann as well.

Following the confrontation, two of the suspects fled but were later apprehended at a nearby Dollar General Store, seeking medical help for their gunshot wounds. Reflecting on the incident, Irving expressed that he didn't want to take lives but acted in self-defense.

Irving's bravery and ability to react quickly in a dangerous situation have garnered him local praise and recognition as a hero. Despite facing overwhelming odds and battling colon cancer for the past two years, Irving's Marine Corps training kicked in, prompting him to act before fear took over.

Joseph Heathcock, Chasatie Dulabhan, and Casey Ray Gann were treated for their injuries and taken into custody by the police. This incident serves as a testament to the indomitable spirit and resilience of a Marine, reaffirming the adage that you should never mess with someone who has served in the military.

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