What are some impressive actions performed by the reanimated in Naruto? Kimimaro using his severed arm against enemies, and the Third Hokage using his head to gather intelligence.

In the anime Naruto, the Forbidden Technique developed by the Second Hokage, Tobirama Senju, called Edo Tensei, is a powerful jutsu that can summon the souls of the deceased and revive them in physical form. These revived bodies have the ability to regenerate, except for damage from techniques based on Yin-Yang Release. This unique characteristic of the Edo Tensei allows the revived individuals to display incredible abilities. In a battle against Darui, Kimimaro had his left arm cut off but was unfazed. He then used his severed arm to force Darui to reveal his true abilities and subsequently attacked him with his recovered arm. Normally, such actions would be difficult to achieve due to the negative effects of losing blood and impaired movement caused by a severed arm. However, with the regeneration abilities of Edo Tensei, Kimimaro's actions were possible. The Uchiha clan member Obito Uchiha used a devastating technique called Tenpenchii, which included himself, to eliminate numerous Shinobi Alliance soldiers. This audacious move involved taking a direct hit from the meteor he summoned himself. During the controlled battle between Yagura and Kiri, Obito mentioned that him sacrificing himself and his enemies is the correct way to use Edo Tensei. Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage, used his Edo Tensei body to gather intelligence by engaging in a reckless fight against the Sixth Paths of Pain and the other revived Hokage. In this battle, Hiruzen's Ed Tensei body was even decapitated by the Sixth Paths of Pain, allowing him to acquire the necessary information. Tobirama Senju was the developer of Edo Tensei and thus had an in-depth understanding of its characteristics. He created a supplementary jutsu called Exploding Clay to be used specifically with Edo Tensei. In the Fourth Great Ninja War, Tobirama effectively employed this technique against Obito Uchiha while being partly incapacitated. Nagato and White Zetsu, controlled by Kabuto Yakushi, who was also the caster of Edo Tensei in the Fourth Great Ninja War, demonstrated an advanced understanding of Edo Tensei. Through their control, they performed numerous impressive actions by exploiting the regeneration abilities of the revived bodies. For example, White Zetsu acted as a shield to intercept Kakashi's attacks, allowing Zabuza and Haku to attack Kakashi. Although Kakashi managed to evade the fatal attack and defeat Zabuza and Haku, he still got injured by Zabuza's attack. Additionally, Kabuto controlled Nagato to use Chibaku Tensei while his arm was not completely regenerated, catching Itachi Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki, and Killer Bee off guard, but they eventually found a way to counter the technique. There are many other impressive actions performed by the revived shinobi using Edo Tensei in Naruto. Let's keep discussing our favorite anime by following Swordsmen.