Naruto: When the protagonists become Hokage


1. Sasuke's Ambition: The  image also hints at the potential disaster his leadership might bring, as indicated by his cursed seal transformation. 

2. Hinata's Beauty and Power: The second photo showcases Hinata, admired for her beauty, wearing the Hokage's hat. Despite being fully covered by it, she emits a breathtaking aura.

3. Gaara's Handsomeness: Gaara, the powerful Kazekage, is depicted in the Hokage's robe, highlighting his captivating attractiveness. 

4. Itachi's Power and Composure: Itachi, a beloved character, is shown flawlessly donning the Hokage's hat, radiating a cool and composed aura. 

5. Orochimaru's Sinister Potential:  Despite his leadership potential, the image portrays him as sinister and evil, suggesting his inclination towards dangerous conspiracies.