Naruto: Old fans must have imitated these 5 actions


1. Millennium killing action Millennium killing is the Magetan Chuan Ninjutsu created by Kakashi, which is powerless. Naruto fans have imitated this trick and killed their friends for thousands of years. Actions are simple and easy to learn.

2. Ninja running ninja running postures in Naruto is alternative, making people imitate one after another. Putting his hands behind him, leaning forward and rushing forward, affecting the public for a time.

3. The shadow division seal Naruto learned the "shadow avatar" and used it frequently. Shadowing is characterized by cross gestures and is imitated by Naruto fans.


4. Pingling action is common in Naruto, and the action is full of charm. Although Naruto fans forgot to seal, remember to shoot the ground in the palm of the palm, and to summon a powerful Warcraft.

5. Spiral pill spiral pills are Naruto's nirvana, simple and easy to use. Caber your palm up to Chakra to launch. Many fire fans have imitated and fantasized to use spiral pills.