Naruto: 5 thaumaturgic techniques of the Uchiha clan


1. Izanagi: The ultimate genjutsu technique of the Uchiha clan, Izanagi can turn any disadvantageous situation into a dream. But the user permanently loses their eyesight. 

2. Izanami: Izanami counters Izanagi users and determines fate. Like Izanagi, the user loses their eyesight. The trapped enemy remains in the illusion until they accept their fate. Only Itachi Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha have mastered it. 

3. Uchiha Rebound: An exclusive B-rank technique, Uchiha Rebound uses the Uchiha Flame Formation Fan to absorb and amplify attacks. Only the clan leader can inherit it.

4. Uchiha Flame Formation: Another exclusive technique, Uchiha Flame Formation creates a flame barrier with "absolute defense." Itachi taught it to Sasuke. 

5. Transcription Seal: The Uchiha clan's special sealing technique, Transcription Seal is unique to the Mangekyo Sharingan. It can seal specific eye techniques, activated after time or certain conditions.