Naruto: Have you seen the live-action Naruto version?


1. Naruto Uzumaki: Naruto started off as a noob in ninjutsu but eventually mastered the art of transformation, often turning into Sasuke. Sakura Haruno: As the female lead, Sakura is known for her beauty and figure. However, this cosplayer did not quite capture Sakura's physique.

2. Hinata Hyuga: Hinata is often considered a goddess in the Naruto fandom, known for her looks and body. This cosplayer did a good job representing her.

3. Kakashi Hatake: Kakashi is a skilled ninja and heartthrob in the show. This cosplay picture of Kakashi using his Lightning Blade jutsu is impressive and true to the character.


4. Tsunade: Tsunade appears as an older person due to her ability to maintain her youthful appearance. This cosplay picture captures her body and beauty perfectly.

5. Sakura Haruno: Sakura is the female protagonist known for her high beauty standards. While the cosplayer replicates her grown-up look perfectly, her figure is a bit off. Note: The word count after summarization is 159 words.