Naruto: You will die if you use these 5 ninjutsu


1. CO Self-Destruction: Deidara's most powerful technique, it destroys everything in a 10-kilometer radius. However, he only managed to kill one snake with it. 

2. Reaper Death Seal:Minato and Hiruzen used it to defeat the Nine-Tails and Orochimaru, sacrificing their lives to protect Konoha. 

3. Reverse Four Symbols Sealing: Danzo's unique sealing jutsu is activated by spraying the user's blood, sealing everything in the area. Despite being a life-for-life trade, Danzo failed to kill Sasuke and Tobi. 

4. Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique: This forbidden jutsu, using the Rinnegan, sacrifices the user's life to revive multiple people. It can only be used once and is the most advanced resurrection jutsu. 

5. Eighth Gate:  Might Guy used it against Madara, narrowly avoiding death due to Naruto's healing abilities.