Daycare Worker Hangs Toddler With Noose, Lenient Judge Sets Her Free

Nataliia Karia, a 43-year-old immigrant from Ukraine who provided daycare out of her Minneapolis home, was facing a slew of charges, including attempted murder, third-degree assault, and criminal vehicular operation for hitting a pedestrian, a bicyclist, and another driver as she fled from her home. What's worse, the woman was fleeing because she had been caught doing the unthinkable to a child in her care.

As Joseph Sabir arrived to drop off his child at Karia's home, the daycare provider told him she had "done something bad." He then heard a baby crying and ran downstairs. You can imagine his horror to find a toddler hanging from a noose, fashioned from girl's tights and tied to an overhead pipe, in Karia's basement. As Sabir released the child, a 16-month-old boy who luckily survived, Karia fled in her vehicle.

During her attempt at a hasty escape in her minivan, the crazed woman struck bicyclist Jacob Carrigan, who was on his way to work. Carrigan later needed a rod inserted in his leg to avoid amputation, the Star Tribune reported. She also dragged another motorist 10 blocks when the driver, later identified as Salvador Lema, got out to check the damage to his vehicle after Karia struck his car.

Sadly, Karia wasn't done wreaking havoc. She went on to hit a vehicle driven by a pregnant woman before pulling over and threatening to jump off an overpass. Despite the suicidal threat, passersby held her down until police could take her into custody. The now-former daycare provider eventually pleaded guilty to all the charges against her after her crazed crime spree. But, this is where the story gets truly infuriating.

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