Career Criminal Sets Pregnant Girlfriend On Fire, Judge Lets Him Go Free

This shocking incident involves Devonne Marsh, a career offender with a lengthy criminal record, who was arrested for dousing his pregnant girlfriend in accelerant and setting her on fire. The woman was found in the basement of a home, severely burned and unable to move. She was 27 weeks pregnant with twins and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Marsh, identified by the victim as her boyfriend and the perpetrator, had a history of violent crimes, weapons violations, and drug dealing. Despite the severity of the charges against him, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy's bail reform efforts allowed Marsh to be released on a $50,000 bail, which he paid using a $5,000 bond. This decision drew criticism as many believed Marsh should have been kept off the streets.

Following Marsh's release, the victim, fearing retaliation, was hesitant to cooperate with the police. New charges, including attempted murder, assault, and battery of a pregnant individual, were filed to ensure Marsh is detained until his trial. However, concerns remain about the effectiveness of these charges and the possibility of Marsh being granted bail again.

The case highlights the potential shortcomings of criminal and bail reform. While reforms may sound promising in theory, they can have unintended consequences in real-life situations where violent offenders are released before facing justice. In this tragic situation, Marsh was allowed to roam free while his victims fought for their lives, leaving many questioning the efficacy of the system in protecting victims and holding perpetrators accountable.

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