Police K9 Attacks Machete-Wielding Suspect, Death Causes Outrage

Police responded to a break-in at the residence of a South Seattle homeowner who reported an intruder who was wielding a machete. The panicked resident called 911 in the afternoon to report a man inside his home. During the call, you can hear someone else in the home yell at the intruder to “get out of here.”

“He’s got a knife,” the caller shrieked at the 911 operator. “He’s threatening us with it. He’s got a machete.” When police arrived, they spotted the alleged burglar identified only as a Hispanic male who was wearing a bath towel around his waist. He refused to comply with police orders. He was carrying a knife in addition to the machete, according to bodycam footage released by the Seattle Police Department.

“Dramatic bodycam footage released over the weekend shows the moment two officers begin chasing down the burglary suspect,” Daily Mail reported. “The officers yell at the man to stop and get on the ground multiple times before a third officer, Tim Jones, comes in to help as they release [canine officer] Jedi, who was slashed and stabbed by the suspect.”

The officers move in and the suspect cuts Jedi’s partner in the face. Officer Jones then opens fire seven times. Both the suspect and Jedi died at the scene. The other officer injured was taken to a nearby hospital. In the bodycam footage, a sergeant could be heard warning the man multiple times during the chase. “Stop. stop now. Get on the ground. Do it now. Get on the ground,” the officer yells after first brandishing his gun. The suspect ignores the officers, and when the suspect begins to run again, Jedi was let loose, leading to the deadly incident. It should be noted that Jedi continued to subdue the suspect, even after he was stabbed several times.

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