Naruto: 5 artifacts that ordinary people can’t use


Item 1: Kiba: One of the seven ninja swords of the Mist hidden village, Kiba absorbs chakra to restore the user's chakra and restrain jutsu-type ninjas. The Kiba sword selects ninjas with a large amount of chakra as its owner. 

Item 2: Rikudo Tools: Ninja tools left by the Sage of Six Paths, which cannot be used by ordinary people. They include the Hashirama Senju's necklace, the Shichiseiken (Seven Star sword), the Bashosen fan, the Red Gourd, and the Kohaku Jōtō bottle. 

Item 3: Uchiha Clan Fan: A sacred artifact passed down through generations of the Uchiha clan, which only clan members can use to perform their secret techniques.


Ordinary people dare not use it. 

Item 4: Jūken Sword: A spiritual tool with super sealing power, it can permanently seal the pierced person in an illusionary world. Ordinary people cannot use it; only Itachi can control it. 

Item 5: Ame no Nuhoko: The divine sword of the Sage of Six Paths, the DNA Spiral Sword, capable of creating and destroying universes. People without the power of the Sage cannot touch it.