Naruto: Itachi's 5 most proud thaumaturgic techniques


1. Amaterasu: Amaterasu is the pupil technique of Uchiha Itachi's right eye. It does not burn out all the black flames, but it puts a heavy load on the eyes and has many ways to break it, so its power is questionable.

2. Tsukuyomi: Tsukuyomi is the pupil technique of Uchiha Itachi's left eye. It can make the opponent fall into the illusion world and cause great harm to the body. Itachi becomes the guarantee of the illusion ninja.

3. Izanami: Izanami is Itachi's top genjutsu to defeat Yakushi Kabuto. Only Itachi in the Uchiha clan can use it, and its complex principles are unpredictable.

4. Susanoo: Susanoo is the ultimate eye technique opened by Itachi.


It has two spiritual weapons, the Juken Sword and the Yata Mirror. It can seal and change attributes, approaching an invincible existence.

5. Crow Stand: Crow Stand is Itachi's basic ninjutsu. Every time he is attacked, he can turn into a crow and escape. Master Madara may avoid being defeated if he learns this trick.