Naruto: Five S-Class Ninjas Who Can’t Even Psychic Techniques


Naruto characters who didn't learn ninjutsu:

1. Tenten: Skilled with weaponry and likely a taijutsu specialist. Powerful artifacts make her comparable to Kage-level ninja.

2. Killer Bee: Host of the Eight-Tails and has no need for ninjutsu or summoning animals. Considered one of the top ninja in the Shinobi World.

3. Rock Lee: Unable to learn ninjutsu like his master. Despite being seen as a regular civilian, his unique skill set, the Eight Inner Gates, sets him apart.

4. Hinata Hyuga: Traditional taijutsu focus with no contracts for summoning animals. Their family techniques combine taijutsu and the Byakugan.

5. Shino Aburame: Specializes in using insects and always has a swarm of bugs by his side. True strength not fully showcased in Boruto.