Naruto: Orochimaru's five containers,


Orochimaru had desired Utatane Kohaku as his vessel, but she ultimately did not become one. Kohaku's beauty and popularity in Konoha made her an unlikely candidate. 

Another potential vessel was Uchiha Sasuke, who possessed the Sharingan and was highly talented. However, Sasuke's role as the main protagonist in the series prevented him from becoming Orochimaru's vessel. 

Kimimaro, with his powerful bloodline limit and beauty, surpassed even Sasuke as Orochimaru's desired vessel. Unfortunately, Kimimaro died at a young age, escaping Orochimaru's grasp. 

Orochimaru's original body, once attractive, has deteriorated significantly over time. In the Boruto series, an unknown body appears as Orochimaru's vessel. 

While Orochimaru is no longer in danger, he is confined by Naruto. In Boruto, Orochimaru's appearance is more feminine, causing confusion about their gender.