Waitress Leaves ‘Snarky’ Message On Cop’s Receipt, Gets Fired

A restaurant server at "Happy Camper" in Chicago wrote a snarky message on a police officer's receipt, resulting in her termination. The officer noticed the message, which said, "Quit your job!" and was so bothered by it that he couldn't eat his meal and threw it away, fearing it had been tampered with. A friend of the officer posted about the incident on Facebook, criticizing the server's behavior in a professional environment. The post went viral quickly.

Upon learning about the incident, "Happy Camper" took immediate action and terminated the employee. They posted a statement on their website and social media platforms, apologizing for the incident and emphasizing that it did not reflect the company's values. The restaurant also reached out to the officer personally, offering a full refund and a gift card as an apology.

While some suggested that the employee should have received training and an opportunity to apologize, others agreed with the restaurant's decision to terminate her. The incident serves as a reminder that controversial opinions should be kept to oneself when representing an employer's business. Treating others with respect and common courtesy is important in a professional setting.

Regardless of differing opinions on how the situation was handled, this 2020 incident highlights the importance of being mindful of what is said while on the job. It is a lesson to avoid expressing unsolicited advice or controversial viewpoints that may tarnish a company's reputation.

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