Naruto: The 5 rarest dragon ninjutsu


1. Smoke Dragon:  The smoke emitted by the dragon can suffocate opponents and renders physical attacks ineffective, but it can be countered by water-based attacks. Used by Guren, its power is limited. 

2. Earth Dragon: Earth Dragon is a powerful earth-based ninjutsu that creates a dragon-shaped formation. Similar to Water Dragon Bullet Technique, it's rarely mastered. 

3. Illusion Dragon: Illusion Dragon is a secret technique used by Nagato. It summons multiple dragon-shaped illusions from the mouth of a Gedo Statue. It can seal tailed beasts, but it's lost due to Nagato's death. 

4. Blood Dragon: Blood Dragon Eye is a dojutsu like Sharingan.


It allows users to perform blood-based ninjutsu, including the Blood Dragon technique. Only used by Konan, it possesses tremendous power. 

5. Crystal Dragon: Crystal Dragon is a Crystal Release ninjutsu. It's created using crystals and has immense power.  Guren is the retired user of this technique, making it a legendary technique.