Why Naruto gave birth to two children


Why Naruto Can Have Two Children 

1. Commemorating Neji: One reason Naruto can have two children is to fulfill the audience's desire for a continuation of Neji's legacy.

2. Dividing Bloodline Abilities: Naruto already possesses the powerful Uzumaki lineage. To prevent repetition in the next generation, Himawari is given the Byakugan instead of Boruto, weakening the Uzumaki bloodline heritage. 

3.Hinata can raise two.Yes, Hinata is capable of raising two children in all aspects, so in Boruto, when you see her out of shape, you know that raising children is one of the reasons.

4. Assistance from Nine-Tails: Naruto is uniquely able to have two children due to the immense power of the Nine-Tails within him.