‘Bride-To-Be’ Skips Out On $900 Salon Tab, So Stylist Makes Her ‘Famous’

A woman named Lavette Walter, also known as "Ashley," walked into De Cielo Salon and Spa in Burbank, California, claiming to have an appointment. Despite not finding her on the books, stylist Samantha Richards decided to accommodate her urgent request for salon treatments before her engagement photos. After six hours of extensive work, including hair extensions and coloring, Ashley looked much better. However, when it was time to pay the $900 bill, Ashley fled the salon without settling her tab.

The salon had surveillance camera footage of Ashley's actions and decided to publicly shame her on their Facebook page. Within 24 hours, a citizen recognized her from the footage and tipped off the police. It was discovered that Ashley, whose real name is Lavette Walter, had pulled similar scams before, including one at the Color Lounge salon where she left behind her old iPhone as collateral but never returned to pay the $335 bill.

Armed with this information, authorities issued a warrant for Lavette Walter's arrest. Due to her extensive history of theft, she was held on suspicion of burglary with a bail set at $20,000. While some social media users questioned the salon's prices, it was noted that the cost of hair extensions and supplies were factored into the bill. The incident serves as a reminder to customers to be aware of the services they can afford and to avoid taking advantage of businesses.

In the end, Lavette Walter's decision to skip out on her bills proved to be costly, as she faced legal consequences for her actions.

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