10 female ninjas who confessed their love in Naruto: 7 confessed to Naruto and 2 confessed to Kakashi.


In the Naruto series, there are many female ninja who have expressed their feelings boldly, but not all of their confessions were accepted. Let's talk about the female ninja in Naruto who have had their confessions rejected!

Sakura Haruno:

From a young age, Sakura had a crush on Sasuke, but he, being focused on revenge, never reciprocated her feelings. In an attempt to stop Naruto from chasing after Sasuke, Sakura pretended to confess her love, but Naruto rejected her because his pursuit of Sasuke was not solely because of Sakura. Even when they stood on the same side during the Fourth Great Ninja War, Sakura's confession to stop the fight between Naruto and Sasuke was declined with just a single strike.


Rin Nohara:

There is debate about whether Rin truly liked Kakashi or Obito. When Kakashi sacrificed himself to save Obito, Rin and Kakashi were surrounded by enemies. Kakashi expressed that Obito had feelings for Rin, and in response, Rin tried to confess her feelings for Kakashi. However, Kakashi interrupted her before she could finish her confession, and Rin tearfully watched him walk away.


Hanare, an original character by the anime studio, was a spy from the Land of Keys. She admired Kakashi since he had saved her in the past. Disguised as a geisha, Hanare intentionally allowed the ANBU to capture her, and during her interrogation, she mentioned how Kakashi had been her dream ever since he helped her return home.


When Hanare confessed her feelings to Kakashi, Naruto accidentally fell from a tree and caused Kakashi to bump into Hanare, resulting in a forced kiss. However, Kakashi couldn't be with a spy from another country, and Hanare was left with unrequited love.

Kurenai Yuhi:

Ever since Kurenai was saved by Sasuke during the Chunin Exams, she developed feelings for him, captivated by his confident smile. Her feelings for Sasuke were apparent, as she was willing to do anything for him, even if it meant getting hurt by him. Even in the Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, Kurenai's desire was to fulfill Sasuke's dream, hoping to see his smile once again.


However, Sasuke never reciprocated her feelings and ended up marrying Sakura.


Shion, the shrine maiden of the Land of Demons, fell slowly in love with Naruto after he helped her. She directly expressed her desire for Naruto to lend her his power, which was essentially an invitation to have a child together. However, Naruto, pretending not to understand her intentions, agreed to lend her his power but actually rejected her proposal for having a child.

These are just a few of the female ninja in Naruto who had their confessions rejected. Do you know any other rejected confessions in the series? Let's chat about our favorite anime at SwordArt.