Naruto: When the Protagonist Turns Evil and Joins Akatsuki


1. Naruto: His appearance in the Akatsuki organization is formidable with the Nine-Tails by his side. 

2. Kakashi: Kakashi, an elite Jonin and former member of ANBU Black Ops, experienced darkness after losing loved ones. If he joined Akatsuki, he would be a key member. 

3. Minato: Fourth Hokage Minato is immensely talented. If he joined the Akatsuki and turned dark, he would be one of their most powerful members. 

4. Sakura: Sakura, the female lead, possesses incredible strength and beauty. The photo showcases her in the Akatsuki attire, revealing a stunning side. 

5. Hinata: Hinata, known for her beauty and physique, is a prominent female character. If she joined the Akatsuki, she would surpass Konan as their goddess.