Naruto: Do you like this kind of CP matching?


1. Kakashi and Rin: Despite being surrounded by potential love interests, Kakashi has never married. Rin, who had feelings for Kakashi, died before their relationship could develop.

2. Obito and Kaguya: Kaguya and Obito are both powerful figures in Naruto, with god-like abilities. Although Obito views Kaguya as inferior, considering her mere "servants," many believe she would have been the perfect match for Obito within the Otsutsuki clan. 

3. Naruto and Sakura: Initially, Naruto had feelings for Sakura, while she was infatuated with Sasuke. Eventually, Sasuke and Sakura ended up together, and Naruto married Hinata.


4. Itachi and Izumi: If Izumi had survived, she would have been the perfect partner for Itachi. Fans imagine this couple would have been loving and compatible. 

5. Boruto and Sarada:  While Boruto and Sarada are the expected pair, there is a possibility for Boruto and Sumire to become a couple. If the series reveals Boruto and Sumire as a couple, similar to Naruto and Hinata, would fans find it satisfying?