Mother reveals how she feeds baby for £10 a month

A mother has revealed how she feeds her eight-month-old son for just £10 a month by making her own baby food instead of shelling out on pre-made jars from the supermarket.Leigh Morris, 33, a health care assistant from Gloucester, gave birth to her son, Leuan, in December last year - and makes him meals containing meat or fish with vegetables for around a penny for each portion.For breakfast, he will have rolled oats or Weetabix, blitzed down with milk, and then a vegetarian meal and one with protein included.'

Eight-month-old Leuan, from Gloucester, is pictured enjoying a home-cooked meal by Leigh, who says he loves fish dishes and chicken and vegetablesLeigh Morris,33 is a healthcare worker who has always had a passion for cooking after spending time working as a commis chefThe ice cube-sized portions of carrot, sweet potato and broccoli after being prepped and frozen. Leuan's meals average out at an impressive 1p per portion and £10 a monthLeigh is also mum to Theo, seven and step-mother to Imogen, 13 and Leo, nine.

She and her partner Bryn, 42, say they are saving an impressive £65 a month by making their youngest child's food themselves.

'After doing some research on shop food and prices, it would have cost me around £18 a week on the jars and £75 a month if he was having three jars a day,' Leigh explained. 'I can't afford £75 a month on jars plus baby milk and nappies on top.'On average I spend £10 a month on three meals a day for him.'She also researched how the jars and pouches were made and why they had such a long shelf life, and reveals she was 'put off' after other mums said they had 'found mould' in their store bought jars and pouches.The healthcare worker said: 'I saw that the majority were pasteurised which would mean that the food was being exposed to such high heat would have an impact on the nutritional value.

Leigh says she would like Leuan to try a variety of foods and likes that she knows 'exactly what he is eating'. Pictured above is a mix of vegetables being frozen and the finished product, a broccoli, apple, pea and carrot combination'I want Leuan to try as many foods as possible but I also wanted to know exactly what he was eating!'For Leigh and Bryn, the most important aspect of feeding their baby home-made food is the nutritional side of things and knowing what is going into his body, as well as the cost.She said: 'I know what he's eating when I cook for him, I can make sure he gets his five-a-day as well as ensuring salt and sugar free meals.'Also I can taste test everything I cook him so I know what flavours stand out the most.'The financial side is also a huge factor for the family, with six mouths to feed at home, the pair have to budget wisely. 

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