Naruto: When Naruto obtains 5 types of pupil eyes


1. Sharingan: Naruto gains Sharingan, the most common doujutsu in Naruto and the bloodline limit of the Uchiha clan, along with Sage Mode. It can be awakened through emotional stimulation and evolve into Mangekyou Sharingan, unlocking special ocular abilities.

2. Byakugan: The photo shows Naruto with the appearance of Byakugan, the bloodline limit of the Hyuga clan. Although not as powerful as Sharingan, Byakugan has its own unique features - white pupils and prominent veins when in use.

3. Rinnegan: Naruto activates Rinnegan, the third major doujutsu. It possesses both destructive and creative capabilities and resembles Pain's Deva Path, emitting a powerful aura.


4. Tenseigan: Introduced in the movie "The Last: Naruto the Movie," Tenseigan can only be awakened by combining the chakra of the Otsutsuki clan and the Byakugan of the Hyuga clan. Its ocular abilities are extremely powerful.

5. Jougan: The sequel "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" introduces Jougan, a new doujutsu currently possessed only by Boruto Uzumaki. Naruto gains Jougan in the photo, but his expression becomes sinister, emitting an evil vibe.