Naruto: Tobirama invented 5 ninjutsu


1. Reanimation Jutsu: Developed by Tobirama Senju, this forbidden jutsu lets users summon and control the dead. 

2. Explosive Tag Teleportation: As a defense against potential threats to Konoha, Tobirama created this jutsu to counter anyone trying to harm the village.  

3. Water Style: This was a strategic move to counter the Uchiha clan's expertise in Fire Style, as Water Style can neutralize fire through nature manipulation. 

4. Flying Thunder God Slash: By combining the Flying Thunder God Technique with swordsmanship, Tobirama devised this technique to hinder Izuna Uchiha. 

5. Shadow Clone Jutsu: It was specifically designed to counter the Uchiha clan, enveloping targets in darkness and rendering them vulnerable to attack, thereby limiting the power of their Sharingan.